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The warehousing services offered by our Company include goods storage, processing and delivery. The main purpose of our warehouse complex is to provide high-quality service to our Clients. We achieve this purpose by using the latest technologies of warehouse processing of goods and modern warehouse equipment from the leading world manufacturers, and also owing to high professionalism of our staff.

Ost-West Express has the permit to store the goods of any commodity group: with hazard label (chemical compounds, plant treatment products, etc.). Pharmaceutical products. Food products. Our employees accompany the cargo and make the following operations: Loading/unloading of the goods, FIFO records maintenance. Segregating, stickering, packaging, storage accounting. Forming of consignments and dispatching the goods to the buyer.

When we established our Ost-West Express Business Center, our primarily goal was the interests of companies focused on export and import of products. These are the companies which need the warehouse and the office located on the same site and which can use the full range of logistics services provided by our Company.

For such companies we have established the universal Ost-West Express Business Town. The office centre has the area of approximately 10,000 m2, it accommodates cafes, shops, and a conference room with all modern communications. There is also a guarded parking lot for passenger cars on the site.