Warehousing Services


Cargo Handling


Accepting the cargo for safe storage


Loading and Unloading Operations


Ost-West Express Company ensures warehouse storage of cargo in compliance with the requirements of safety standards, packaging standards, and with due regard for specific characteristics of the goods and the required temperature regime. The range of the storage services includes: Unloading of vehicles and reception of cargo. Reallocation of the cargo according to its characteristics. Movement of the goods inside the warehouse. Preparation of the goods for dispatch. Packing and loading of the goods.

The concept of the Ost-West Express Business Town is aimed at creating the most comfortable environment for small- and medium-sized businesses. We are ready to accept cargo for storage - from 1 pallet. We have introduced a "family system" of relations with our Clients. Many Clients have been using our services for more than 10 years.

At our disposal we have the facilities capable of storing 10,000 pallets at a time. The warehouse premises are equipped with commodity planes and euro-racks using which we segregate the cargo of different dimensions for storage and easily and quickly form the consignments to be dispatched to a customer/purchaser. We accept the following cargoes: cargo of pharmaceutical group, food group, dangerous groups (ADR) and general purpose goods.

For storage of dangerous goods after customs clearance of ADR category, we offer our Clients a stand-alone warehouse complex with capacity of up to 5000 pallets. It is located in Kyiv region, 23 km from Kyiv.